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I can tell you, here's what I actually want from parents to make me feel appreciated:

1. Make an effort to understand what our program is about. Have some context for the stories your kid brings home, and if something doesn't sound right, at least take the trouble to find out whether it's a misunderstanding, a mistake, or something we're doing on purpose, so you can be an informed complainer.

2. Notice when I go out of my way for your kid. If I call you to remind you that your kid owes an assignment, the correct response is "thank you so much," not "why didn't you tell me this earlier" or "why are youall so hard on them."

3. Remember that I'm committed to your kid, but I have 74 other students too. I can't accommodate your child's needs in a way that interferes with everybody else's learning, and I can't really make time to give you a call once a week with an update or to remember your special afterschool schedule. If you want extra attention, the initiative's going to have to come from you.

4. Raise a polite kid who can see #1-3 himself and says thank you every once in a while.

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