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I've seen you cry over the mention of Texas Wildflowers in the spring in random novels. The kids are doomed if the goal is you getting over it.

I find that big sky so creepy, having grown up with valleys and rolling hills. The first time I lived in Texas (Central Texas no less) I couldn't leave the blinds open ever. It was too disturbing, all the topography was gone.


"So now I'm thinking that what these kids need is a strict country-music-and-barbeque diet until they learn to appreciate their heritage or until I get over missing Texas, whichever comes first."

Is it possible to be a Texan if you've never even stepped foot out of the airport? I've been driving my now pre-teen daughter insane with my return to country music. Yes, my kids will eat hummus, etc, but put a good burger or something with that "sauce" in front of them and you'd think I was murdering them. I'm so feeling the urge to leave CA!

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