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The Boy just started the Merlin series. They say it's around a 5th grade level and it seems to be. I'm loving it. It's a bit like Harry, but, historical (duh), not as fanciful, and it seems more 'real' if that makes sense.
The Boy is addicted. Also, don't forget Mark Twain. Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer. He loves those as well, though I do recommend getting the 'not' classic versions. I'm not sure our kids have the knack for the old vernacular.
We've had this problem finding books for the boy. The Girl has no issue, she can read boy or girl's books! The Boy cannot be seen at school with an American Girl book for some odd reason?


Ok, just checked the kids' bookshelves, we used to have uncover a shark, but no longer. Sorry, I would have sent it to Sam. Do not bypass the Dangerous Book for Boys and the Big Book of Boy stuff.
The Boy and the neighborhood boys have been using these since this summer to 'enhance' their playtime.
A word of caution, if the neighbor boy ever comes to you and says they need a hand saw, always ask why. And then say no.


Oh, 3 comments from me in one day...can you tell we are a family that reads? Check out
It's like a used bookstore online, you can list your books and get credits to order books from other members. You only pay to ship out your own books to other members, it's around $2.15 a book.
If you sign up, use my email as a referrer, you'll get 2 credits and I'll get 2.
I've noticed a lot of kids books and good ideas for more kids' reads. As well as us grown-ups.

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