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You crack me up. I can just picture you trying to get that picture. I'll email you this great post from a great blogger. How to tell you're a blogger.
All this talk about your weather brought it all the way to CA. Yesterday 109 and humid. have my sympathies.


Alisa, now that you're familiar with the roads around here, you'll know how bad it really was when I tell you I was on Wilson Pike between Church and Concord. Is one of the ways you know you're a blogger that your camera is always sitting out in the passenger seat of your car? I really need to get a new cameraphone.


That's exactly where I was picturing. As glad I am that you and Sam lived through the experience, I'm also glad you blogged it. I was laughing so hard.
Did Greg survive the run? And, poor Jack. Football? Yuck!

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